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Camping Isn't for Everyone. Or is it?


Maybe I’m slightly optimistic when I say this but I certainly believe everyone has a place in the outdoors. Camping CAN be for everyone.

FACT: Everyone experiences the outdoors differently. I enjoy backpacking because I love the challenge but if you ask my mom, she will tell you she only likes to camp if she has an air mattress and a fan. I think that’s a little much haha But that is perfectly OKAY! Camping can be as minimal as you sleeping in a hammock in the middle of the wilderness or it can be as lavish as sleeping in a pop-up camper with a shower. For me, camping is about being surrounded by the sounds of nature - crickets, frogs, cicadas, birds - cooking meals over a campfire, cracking open some cold ones with friends and witnessing extravagant views of the stars at night. That experience can happen whether you’re sleeping in a one-person tent in a remote location or a giant RV at a campground. This summer, give camping a try. You may hate it or you might just surprise yourself and absolutely LOVE it.